Initial Assessment

The initial Assessment is the foundation for Elite Pitching Development. It is essential that every athlete go through the motion analysis in order for both athlete and coach to be able to understand where the athlete currently is in their developmental progression. This will allow for the athlete and coach to discuss where the athlete’s delivery inefficiencies may be holding them back from reaching their true potential.

Whether it be unlocking velocity, increasing ease of repeatability or reducing stress for increased durability of the delivery, there are many factors that need to be addressed by identifying where an athlete’s movement efficiency lies in the delivery.

With Matt’s exploration into the realm of functional movement, he has developed a deep understanding for how the body should function in a high level delivery. This allows for an athlete’s signature style to show through, while incorporating efficient and powerful actions. By doing this, Elite Pitching Development has built a philosophy that allows the athlete to take ownership of their delivery and constantly work towards a more repeatable and powerful usage of their body.

Video Analysis Check-Points

As part of the long-term development plan at Elite Pitching Development, we use consistent video work to create visual checkpoints on our progression. In order to fully understand where the athlete is going with their body of work, it’s important to know where they’ve been, so we’re constantly balancing delivery adjustments with historical markers of health and performance.

Private Lessons

Unique Developmental Progression

After an athlete goes through the Initial assessment they are able to take part in the one-on-one throwing sessions that are designed to reinforce the importance of each pitcher taking ownership of their daily throwing routine. Every athlete is at a different point of their developmental progression, so once we identify where they’re starting from in our initial meeting, it now becomes essential to make sure our repetitions are focused on specific goals and allow for consistent feedback to move towards our intended target.

Private sessions will include:

• Introduction to soft-tissue management techniques

• Development of each athlete’s warm-up technique designed to activate and optimize the range of motion necessary to execute each individual’s delivery

• Flat-ground throwing drills that reinforce efficient throwing patterns and create a level of awareness for each body segment in building energy from toes to finger tips

• Blending of aggressive throwing drills into mound mechanics to cement more efficient movement patterns

• Development of warm-up and bullpen routines that increase level of focus and allow for consistent command of the strike zone

• Pitching programs developed alongside Cressey Sports Performance strength training protocols


Whether it’s for your athletes or your coaches, we can design customized clinics to fit your organization’s needs.

Clinic topics can cover anything from:

• Understanding and executing an efficient warm-up for the athlete

• Teaching proper throwing mechanics

• Throwing drills and program progressions

• Daily routines

• Bullpen work

• Arm-care techniques and rationale

• Conditioning for the athletic pitcher

The shape and style of each clinic will depend on the number of athletes/coaches involved, the group’s level of experience and the space in which we’ll be conducting the clinic.


Avoiding/Treating Injury

Elite Pitching has a strong history of partnering with Physical therapists, Surgeons and Strength coaches to assist in aiding a player back to full health. No matter where you are in your throwing progression, we can help insure that the athlete understands injury mechanisms, proper throwing mechanics, effort level at each of stage of rehabilitation and managing the mental aspect of returning to full function.

One-time and online consultations

We understand that it’s not feasible for everyone to be able to train with Elite Pitching in person on a regular basis. For this reason, we have a range of options to best assist your development in whatever capacity works best for you.

One-Time Consultations

If you’re coming in for a one-time consultation, we can see you for as many as 1-5 days and will give you a comprehensive look into the Elite Pitching philosophy before you return home. These short-term consultations will include the initial biomechanical evaluation and full walk through of corrective measures, and depending on duration of stay, follow-up sessions to reinforce movement patterns and familiarity with drills. We will also address each athlete’s warm-up protocol and help educate on arm-care practices so the athlete has the capacity to be an advocate for himself and own his development going forward.

Online Consultations

If making a trip to Elite Pitching isn’t feasible, we have a host of online consulting options that can be customized to fit your needs. Anything from video evaluations of your throwing mechanics to customized in-season and off-season throwing programs can be designed to aid your development from afar.



Matt is available to come present on a multitude of pitching topics that can be crafted to fit your audience. He has spoken at the Mohegan Sun Baseball Coaches’ Convention in the past and he will be speaking at the 2015 ABCA Convention in Orlando, Florida this upcoming year. He has presented at orthopedic centers and currently helps run a series of seminars at Cressey Performance, which can be found here –

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