Introducing Tim Gustafson to the CSP Family

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

In light of my recent Indians announcement, I wanted to follow up and let everyone know who we’ll be bringing on board to help finish the rest of the off-season when I head to Spring Training on February 15th. I alluded to the fact that we had someone in mind, but now we’ve finalized that Tim Gustafson will be up to help ease the transition for our athletes on January 21st. Tim was the only person that Eric, Pete and myself collectively agreed upon as our first choice for this position, and we’re pleased that he’s agreed to come on board.

Tim relocated from Atlanta to Hudson during his 2010 winter to spend his professional offseason here at Cressey Sports Performance and has been a member of the CSP family since. He has a complete understanding of the CSP culture, training model, and environment as a whole.


Tim’s baseball career has featured stops at every major amateur level, including the 16-U US National Team, 3 years with the Georgia Tech Baseball team, and a summer in the Cape Cod Baseball League where he was named an All-Star. Tim was drafted in the 9th Round by the Atlanta Braves and went on to play 9 professional seasons, working his way up to AAA with the Reds, Rockies and Braves. This being said, Tim’s playing career is not why we chose him for this role.

Eric, Pete and myself all collectively agreed on “Gus” as our first choice for this position because of his ability to assimilate into the culture we’ve worked hard to create at CSP. A huge component of our success over the years has been the ability to create synergy between the strength & conditioning and throwing realms. With that in mind, we needed to have someone that could continue to align these two domains going forward and Tim can certainly do that for our athletes.

Tim will arrive on January 21st and will have a chance to familiarize himself with the athletes currently in our program, understand where they’re at in their developmental progression, and begin to build consistency in his verbiage with our athletes. Any new clients that have been waiting to get started due to my full schedule will be directed to Tim as well.

Moving forward, I will remain in the Boston area and continue to maintain a presence at Cressey Sports Performance. My in-season priorities will be with the Indians, but I will be available to continue in an advisory role for all of my athletes going through the recruiting process. I will have responsibilities that extend to October on the professional side, but after that I will resume giving instruction in the fall/winter offseason for athletes.

Eric, Pete and I are thankful to have secured our first choice to handle this transition. Tim and I share a very similar vision for how pitcher’s should be developed, and that is an essential piece of making this transition go smoothly for all the athlete’s involved.

For questions and inquiries going forward, feel free to Email us at

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